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New "Free Twitter" action group tries to beat unlucky U.S. president Donald Trump with his own weapons: People are invited to reply each of Trump´s tweets as followers with always the same message:

Untrump the world - FREE TWITTER !

The music video linked is the new song "Just A Billionaire" (made by Sam Francisco ), giving a nice overview about core qualifications of Donald Trump.

Here is what the Facebook site says and suggests:

"President Donald Trump misuses TWITTER sending uncounted tweets to bypass the free press. Our strategy is to beat him with his own weapons by REPLYING all of his tweets with COUNTLESS significant messages showing Trumps psychopathic tendencies (answering by arguing reasonable remains at liberty!).

As a first possible answer for any-one who´s willing to stop Trump, Sam Francisco and Kevin Alpha created the song and music video "Just A Billionaire" - to share always the same public video link (or via other links) in countless replies of countless people answering all the tweets of Trump.

Any-one is invited to take an active part: Any-one can

1. Follow D.Trump at Twitter https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump

2. Open his Tweets-site and answer to as much tweets as you can with unmasking content, e.g. the content FREE TWITTER proposes. First activity is posting JUST A BILLIONAIRE ( http://trumpmusicvideo.com/ )

3. The more different "followers" of "realDonaldTrump" do this, the more this "weapon" of D.Trump will become blunt...

4. SHARE the LINK to other people who might be willing to UNTRUMP THE WORLD by FREEING TWITTER "